Anna Åstrand

Oh Land Sea, 2012

An elementary interest in stone is based on that stone can be graveled but not made. The stone’s resistibility against the constructive act is an exact limit: making stone can only take place as form, a form made of something plastic for the act. A serious person once said: “The stone helps us meet death and experience time as that which transgresses life.” Another, somewhat more cheerful person said: “The stone is the laughing reflection of life.” Both interrupted each other and said at once: “The time of life and the time of Being concerns the same thing, the same stone. Seeking the stone is seeking enthusiasm. Seeking laughter, enthusiasm, is to seek the stone, with the form of the stone draw a map of time for events between the temporality of action and the time of the stone.” So they continued with the kind of basic research worthy of its name, and found their place in the creases of the map.

Text by: Fredrik Ehlin

Year of birth: 1982

Place of birth: Lingbo, Sweden