David Larsson

My dwelling place, 2012

I prefer to say that my practice is about saving and storing rather than collecting. Even though I do collect things, to say that my work is about collecting would be to point in the wrong direction. Collecting is something specific, you collect something that is already defined as a category. 

My amount of things could be described as a rhizome in the way that Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari uses this concept. A non-hierarchical network in which each point can and must be connected to any other point in the network and where new relationships can enter the network from every possible direction. My practice as an artist is in managing this network of things and to perform a constant renegotiation of it.
The artworks I might present is merely suggestions of possible connections that could have been made in a thousand other ways. Once an exhibition is finished the objects that was presented as artworks now returns to being just objects, nodes in mynetwork
of things.

Year of birth: 1981

Place of birth: Uppsala, Sweden