Johan Berglund

Cream I love you, 2016

I’m a painter and sculptor, and I draw comics. I work with my own world of characters, inspired by classical art, popular culture and poster art. I often start by making an image. In the beginning it is about filling the surface. Acting against a material. I work intuitively and intensely. The colours are decided upon along the way. I do not plan. They end up where they end up; these are the prerequisites. When the basic image is done I start to straighten things out, add stuff, delete things. In my process I often depart from some kind of working title or a story. It’s all about the object and the material. The story is connected afterward. It’s like fishing. You never know what you will get. You never know if you will end up at a crime scene. Being part of the prologue to “CSI: Miami”…