Ludmila Hrachovinová

No Title, 2016

In my art practice I mostly focus on the medium of painting, but sometimes I overlap with other media too. For example, in one project I created small objects from wax and clay. Later they became the foundation of one series of my paintings. This kind of process of going back and forth from 2D to 3D opens up for me different perspectives and possibilities for my art. I am also working with natural materials, soil and sand for example. I made a series of interactive projects, called Shaping. By using plastic forms, visitors could create their own soil and sand objects. I was collecting the soil and sand from domestic environment of the place where the project was done. My focus on the environment that surrounds us, my personal existential confrontation to it is the base of my painting. I am also led by personal feelings as opposed to rational and critical way of seeing things. This rethinking of the medium of painting itself is also my personal statement to society. I see in the colours core meaning and importance. I like to create uncertain unspecific shades, also to create many layers that are not possible to read only on the first sight.