Klara Berge

Invoking: A Memory of a Drum

Lusthuset Press release 2020  English version                                     
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Felicia Westerberg

Playing in all seriousness

Jonas Bentzer

A Subterranean Infusion

Adrián Espinós

Migrant Geology

Lovisa Hed

Mending. Sowing

Yung Kim

Pixels of Shadows.

Kajsa Kiuttu


Frida Lundén

Subversive Softness

Ivar Lövheim

Calco di figura umana

Molly Malmer


Sara Nielsen Bonde

Transparent Filling

André Nordström

Accomplishments with Occasional Table

Yoyo Nasty

Wall Intervention

Jesper OT Andersson


Elinor Silow

Not a yellow object

Lisa Wallert

In the grey

No Picnic

Storgatan 23 C

Sacco Fujishima

Mono -Permanent Wall Intervention

Henrik Jonsson

Site specific