Sacco Fujishima

Anatomy, 2013

‘‘The individual forms of objects have their own unique histories. Even industrial products, which are designed with the most minimal quality necessary, have distinctive parts with specific roles that contribute to the overall efficiency of the whole. As such, each object has a unique character both in appearance and function. Imagine a huge industrial plant made up of towers, tanks, chimneys and intricately intertwined pipes; if just one of these parts is removed the plant ceases to perform as a well-oiled machine. If even just one tiny screw fails to do its job, the whole plant can be left in disarray. We can compare this screw to a cell in the human body. How can we further understand the human body as a machine itself?’’

Place of birth: Iwate, Japan

Behind the Scenes: Sacco Fujishima, Wall Intervention 2013

Photo: Margarita Bergfelt Matiz