Sara Lundkvist

Aura Crystal & Wonders, 2015

Sara uses in her practice an interdisciplinary approach where her interest lies in studying and understanding how to use the definition and concept of material culture and how to use its channels of communication to tell new stories. Through the glass, the artist investigates various phenomena from nature, myths and spirituality where she works with questions concerning authenticity, values, aesthetic and social aspects related to material cultures and their artefacts. By looking at how artefacts are used as vessels of meaning and significance in which she explores various aspects of desire and our ability to charge material objects with values like hope, faith and dreams. Sara does artistic investigations in the abilities of materials, objects and things to carry a deeper importance and value depending on what we charge them with. Values that even can be supernatural or magical.


Sara Lundkvist is member of BOOM, a feministic art platform to improve the conditions and creativity within the craft glass.