Ivo Lundin Hatje & Hannes Tomani

Beyond Borders, 2016

Up there.

High above the walls built by man.

Far past the borders we have drawn between us.

A place beyond human control.

“Beyond Borders” is painted by the stratosphere’s dropping air pressure. After take-off on Torsby Airfield, Värmland, it was airborn for approximately 4 hours and reached 33,222 metres above sea level – before landing in a tree outside Äppelbo, Dalarna. Pigmented ethanol was used in order for the paint to stay liquid in -60 degrees and a PETG-plastic box incapsuled the canvas. The painting was auctioned out, with every cent donated to Doctors Without Borders. The project took 2 months to complete, involved people from all kinds of industries and is the luckiest shot we’ve ever made.