Edith Hammar
Welcome (this is me sleeping), 2017.

I use drawing as my primary expression, I often see and feel trough pictures. To draw figuratively is a way to understand reality and communicate with my surroundings. I use my own body as a reference a lot when I draw. Once my friend Karina told me that my own body, and dancing, could be very useful in my art practice. If I dare to move and use my own body more that will show in my pictures. If I get to know my own body more my drawings can become more honest. I think about that a lot. How both dancing and drawing can be ways to communicate queer experiences and queer bodies without precise words. That it can be both a crystal clear and a dreamy language at the same time.

Black ink and black permanent markers has always been important to me. I love it when the line appears, the ink dries in and it just looks at you like “well here I am and you made me, now do more of me”. It’s like a slow motion super satisfying kick every time. To draw with the focal pen is almost the same but more existential in a way. The wood is like skin. And the same motives I do on paper becomes more suggestive, hypnotic on wood, burned and carved, looking straight at you. It’s both aggressive and calming at the same time. It’s a slightly addictive very physical sensation.

Focal pen on wood.


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