Emma Andersson

Three stools, 2014

Why do certain things captivate us? It could be a sea that sparkles in the sun, or a flickering fire.
Is it possible to bring a little bit of that feeling into a room?

With this as a starting point I have explored perception, light, colour and movement resulting in three stools. In the black stool I have worked with small holes that lets the light shine through. This creates a visual effect when you move around it. Today we have quite a lot of visual effects and technical solutions around us. It is not always easy to understand how they work. I have tried to work in a simple and analog way. By doing this I hope that people can find joy in a visual effect that is easy to comprehend. To allow the light to travel through the holes as much as possible I have worked with at texture on the inside of the stool, removing material around the edges of the holes. In the two other stools this texture appears on the outside of the stools.