Erlend Grytbakk Wold

Lux, 2014

The series of paintings titled Lux I-IV (2014) consist of watercolor on raw linen canvas, wooden stretcher, as well as an eyebolt and a square hook for mounting. At first glance the paintings seem monochromatic in a reddish brown. After you eyes adjust, a multitude of colors appear, and if you take a close look you can see the innumerable tiny dots of red, blue and yellow that actually make up the painted surface. The paintings are mounted in a particular way, opening up on the side closest to the source of daylight, like a window ajar. This grants both you and the light access to its back, highlighting the painting as an object, as well as backlighting the painted surface. Illuminating the canvas from behind with daylight produces a semi-transparent luminousness that affects the painting depending on the light conditions, making it seem like it is changing during the course of the day.